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A Commitment to the Valley

These are some of the clients that Community Futures Cowichan has helped.

* Note: only clients who wish to be profiled on our website are listed.

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Bayview Brewing Co.


The BC Craft Brewers Guild represents craft breweries from all over BC. The mission of the Guild is to support the ongoing creation and discovery of truly great BC craft beer by helping British Columbians understand the cultural, community and economic benefits of BC’s vibrant craft beer scene. Our business is not merely about dedication to our craft, innovative brewing and our ingredients. Our business is formed to fulfill the needs of not just our customers but our people who drive and serve it passionately and purposefully.

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Sustainable replacements for all of life's single use products.

PlentiFILL is on a mission to drastically reduce consumer waste in the Cowichan Valley. Carefully curated refills and low to no package sustainable replacements for all of life's single use products.

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Polaris Creative

Mouth-watering food photography

This business starts with the story of Jules Sherred. Jules has combined his love of food and photography into a flourishing business. Jules was introduced to the world of photography by observing his photographer father as a young child. “His subjects were always very interesting and neat,” says Jules. This, combined with his love of food and culture, laid the seeds for his future.

With a keen eye and attention to detail along with the philosophy that food should evoke the trifecta of memory, emotion, and hunger in people, Jules Sherred is an unparalleled emerging talent in the field of food and lifestyle photography. His cookbook Crip Up the Kitchen: Realistic Tips, Tricks, and Recipes for the Disabled Kitchen is due to be published by TouchWood Edition in Spring 2023.

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Longevity Services

Foot Care Nurse - Certificate Program

At Longevity Services, we place a high value on continuing education in the field of Foot Care. The field of medicine is fluid and always growing and changing. Nurses, Doctors and all professionals providing foot care need to stay abreast of the best practices of their field. New innovations come out that can make massive impacts on your client's overall health, which result also in positive outcomes for your practice.

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Eclipse Salon Owner, Sharline Haglund.