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Community Futures is a non-profit community business financing organization created to support small and medium-sized enterprises throughout rural BC, paving the way for diversified local economies and job creation.

Through local community economic development initiatives, Community Futures sustains and improves communities and their economies by creating long-term, sustainable businesses.

We have a wide variety of services and tools available to help entrepreneurs and small business owners achieve their goals, including business support services, business planning advice and business loans.


Because we strive for big wins for our clients. Business can be complicated and full of opportunities!

Community Futures is a non-profit community business financing organization, specializing in business loans to the Cowichan Valley.


A Community Futures Cowichan business loan is flexible and unique to your business needs. We think outside the box to help your business adapt and thrive.

What's the difference?

Whether you are a startup or looking to expand, a Community Futures Cowichan business loan can help you reach the next level. You won’t find a one size fits all approach here.

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Community Futures Cowichan is grateful to the Coast Salish peoples, on whose unceded territories we do business, learn and grow together in a spirit of community, collaboration and reconciliation.

Huy tseep q'u

Old Fashioned Style Ice Cream made fresh in our Cowichan Bay store for the past decade with the original “udder guy” recipe without preservatives or additives.



plentiFILL is a refillery and zero waste store located in Duncan, British Columbia. We are on a mission to drastically reduce consumer waste in the Cowichan Valley. We carry carefully curated refills including deodorant, bubble bath, dish soap, laundry soap and more! We also carry a wide variety of zero waste essentials such as reusable tea bags, wet bags and fabric bowl covers.

Bayview Brewing Co.

Bayview Brewing is a community brewery, owned and operated by community-focused people. We have built this brewery ourselves, with the help of our family and friends.

204 Dogwood Drive, Ladysmith, BC V9G 1S8



We understand the challenges and opportunities of being a business owner. As a small business lender, Community Futures Cowichan can help when traditional financing may not.

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An Ongoing Commitment to Small Business

Download Our Workbook

Download our Business Plan Workbook… we call this the, “You don’t know what you don’t know book.” This helps understand a wide variety of things you need to plan for.

Book An Appointment

Book an appointment with a Business Advisor… come with your ideas and questions. It's just a conversation to start. Our Advisors will connect you with resources and help with your loan application.

Start An Application

Whether you need money now for your start up, you’ve reached the point when your business needs to move past being a home-based business, or your existing business needs to expand its products and services, you’ll have a Community Future’s Business Advisor to help.

Our Resources

Community Futures is a developmental lender, and we have a different approach than financial institutions. This means we may be able to provide loans to businesses that do not qualify elsewhere.

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Small Business Loan FAQs

No. There are no fees or charges related to initial loan inquiries or applications. Loan application and documentation fees apply only to 'approved' loans.

Community Futures Cowichan offers variable interest rate loans priced at Prime plus 3-5 points based on risk.

Community Futures offers 'term loans' that are repayable over 3–5 years.

Yes. A business plan will provide a lender insight into your business and along with the financial plan help show its viability and profitability. It also provides the business owner with a 'roadmap' to follow and a tool to measure your future performance.

Typically, an answer to a loan request of $25,000 or less will take up to 10 business days. A request greater than $25,000 can take up to 20 business days. Both scenarios are dependent on having all requested information. Delays can occur when an application is incomplete or additional information is requested from the applicant.