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Our approach to helping small business works.

For Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

Assistance from experts in various business specialties can often be the key to improving a business or helping it through difficult situations. Community Futures Cowichan's Business Services are available to help address a range of business issues or to assist in taking a business to the next level in performance.

Our approach to helping small business involves:

  • Utilizing our skills and expertise
  • Leveraging your experience and knowledge
  • Understanding and addressing your unique situation, not applying a "cookie cutter" approach
  • Taking a broad approach, not just one singular view or perspective

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Please note, Francophone services are available through Francophone Economic Development Organizations (FEDO).  Learn more here.

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Business Plan

If you are not sure of your business idea or need support in the business planning process, we can also be of assistance.

Would you like feedback on your Business Plan?

We can help.

Do you want to talk to us about your business idea?

We'd love to talk.

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More Services & Resources

Export Navigator Program

The Export Navigator pilot offers businesses access to community-based export specialists. We provide a personalized, step-by-step approach to exporting. We help connect your business to the market information, export programs, financial services and business development experts at every stage of the process.

Download our Business Continuity Workbook

Emergencies and disasters are unavoidable and are happening more and more frequently in British Columbia. Although it is impossible to predict what will happen in the future, it is possible to use the best available information now to make a plan to help reduce any negative impacts on your business.

Well prepared businesses have been proven to fare much better through and after a disaster because they have already considered the possible impacts to their business and developed strategies ahead of time for dealing with them.

The Business Continuity Plan is a plan that focuses on the ability of a business to prepare for and respond to unexpected disruptions. The goal is to protect employees and assets so that a business can continue to operate.

Download our Business Continuity Workbook

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