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Community Futures Cowichan offers variable interest loans priced at RBC prime rate plus 3-5 points based on risk.


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Applying for a Small Business Loan

Whether you need money now for your start-up, you’ve reached the point when your business needs to move past being a home-based business, or your existing business needs to expand its products and services, you’ll have a Community Futures Cowichan Business Advisor to help.

Our most successful clients tell us that “other funders appear to HEAR our story and dreams, but Community Futures actually LISTENS.”

It's not just about the money, it's about providing resources and guidance.

Time is Money and You Have No Time to Waste

The time will come when your products and services are in such demand, you’ll need the resources to quickly expand the number and variety of services you’ll offer, perhaps increase the square footage of operating space, add more equipment or vehicles, doubling or even tripling the number of new and repeat clients your marketing is generating.

Remember, your Community Futures Cowichan Business Advisor already knows you, trusts you and respects you. Your Business Advisor is here to serve you whenever you need and (depending on the amount of an increased financial injection or funding being requested), your local Business Advisor who already knows you, can either say “YES” quickly or obtain a fast turn-around on your request for approval.

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Please note: To be eligible to apply for loan funds, a business must be located within Community Futures Cowichan service area.

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