Business Financing

Our approach to financing small business works.

For Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

Community Futures Cowichan financing is available for the start-up, acquisition or expansion of a business. Our flexible loans can assist with projects, capital expenses, start-up costs, inventory and working capital. We work with businesses to learn the nature of their financing needs and create custom loan products to help them reach their goals.

How is Community Futures Cowichan Different Than a Bank?

Community Futures is a non-profit business-financing organization that is federally funded to support small and medium sized enterprises throughout rural BC, paving the way for diversified local economies and job creation.

  • We can offer longer repayment/amortization periods that helps free up cash flow;
  • We try to customize repayment schedules to suit cash flow of businesses, this can match principal payments to the seasonal cash flow patterns of their business;
  • We are more flexible in deferring payments on the loan, this helps owners react to unexpected issues and keep the business operating with minimal impacts; and
  • We have no prepayment penalties - up to 100% of the balance without penalty at any time during the term of the loan pay down debt when their business has surplus cash. This helps move clients to conventional financial institution funding.
  • They reach their limit with their primary lender;
  • They are looking for financing with few fixed assets for collateral;
  • They present a strong business plan and character but lack financial history;
  • They have personal assets that we can leverage to a greater degree than a Financial Institution; and
  • They also require technical business advice.

If you are interested in submitting an application or learning about our loans process, please follow the 6 steps below to compile required information and prepare for a discussion with our staff.

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Step 1

Business Information Form

Provide information about your new or existing business by completing the form below. We acknowledge that some start-up businesses will not have all details finalized, fill in what you know.

Start-up businesses who have not yet registered can visit One-Stop BC Business Registration!

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Step 2

Complete Your Business Plan

An outline of your business - including operations, marketing & financial plans. New businesses will be required to present their full plan, while existing businesses can accompany a short form plan with their financial statements.

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Step 3

Cash Flow Analysis

Cash flow projections and/or historical financial statements, along with a breakdown of your loan requirements. The financial data should be supported by the information in the business plan.

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Step 4


Listing of capital assets owned by the business (existing or to be purchased) including supported market values.

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Step 5

Creditor Relationships

A summary of all creditors involved with your business, including balances/terms of credit and pledged security. Include credit cards, loans, lines of credit, equipment leases, mortgages, etc.

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Step 6

Personal Information Summary Form

All proprietors, partners or shareholders of a company applying to borrow funds with Community Futures are required to complete the contact information and statement of personal net worth form.

Client Redress Policy

If an applicant feels they have been wronged or mistreated, our Client Redress Policy outlines the steps of the process.  

Would you like feedback on your Business Plan?

Would you like help on Cash Flow projections?

Do you want to talk to us about your business idea?

Please visit our FAQ section for additional information regarding the loan application process.

If you are ready to meet with one of our loans officers, contact us today!

Do you work with small business clients?

Maybe we can partner with you.

As a developmental lender, we can often lend money to businesses or individuals whom banks are unable to assist. Many financial institutions refer clients on to us as another potential source of financing. Or, we may work with financial institutions on joint financing for clients. Many entrepreneurs have had success using a combination of loans from both Community Futures and their financial institution.